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Glossed Up Nail Bar began with the mission to make Toledo feel fierce. Whether you identify as cute, sweet, sassy, edgy, trendy, or creative, we want you to feel like the Queen of your own Kingdom. Self care is no longer an indulgence, it's a requirement. We want you to feel relaxed, rested and recharged. Let's create great nails, great relationships, and a KILLER insta post for all of your fans... together.

Get ready for a 

glow up.

Did someone call for a girl boss? Glossed Up is the sweat equity of this lovely lady, Danielle Dale. Danielle is passionate about supporting local. A local business is nothing without the support of the surrounding community.

Danielle has been in the business before, this is not her first rodeo. Taking what she learned from her 6 years as an owner at Regal Nails she is back and ready for action. In addition to Glossed Up, Danielle is currently a real estate agent at The Danberry Co., where she has been running a successful real estate business for the past 5 years. She is the lead of her real estate team, The Dale Group. When she is not out selling houses, you can find her getting fit as the proud owner of Dolled Up Hair Salon & Beauty By Dani Leigh.

Our experienced, creative, and friendly artists and staff are what make this nail bar what it is. We love our squad and could not do it without them.


danielle dale



The above are members of the By Dani Leigh family. 

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